I have just worked some magic on the site and now it is easily accessible via phone, making it more user friendly. I have also applied WordPress SEO which makes Google and other search engines more likely to see my blog- it tells me what I need to improve about my posts such as including the number of keywords. I hope that you enjoy the new interface, see you soon!

I have created an interactive Flash animation to show use of a variety of tecnhniques. This includes motion and classic tweens, shape and motion tweens, motion and mask layers, buttons with animated MovieClips and audio. I have also included navigation with use of ActionScript 3 coding. Feel free to post it anywhere as long as you source it back to me, thanks!


I have just created a brand spanking new Youtube and Vimeo accounts, and uploaded one video to Youtube, as posted below. It is of myself and George playing the first few levels of the custom minecraft adventure map, dimension jumper! Hopefully you all enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making the video.

Here is the Vimeo account: https://vimeo.com/user17204283

Here is the download link for the map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1688262-advpuzz-dimension-jumper/

This is the first post in the blog that I am creating for Multimedia and the internet stage 2! Hopefully all goes well. I will be creating a LET’S-PLAY game site, as well as somewhere to post videos of music and others. If you see anything you want to comment on feel free to comment or use any of the social networking sites linked to this site. New posts up soon!