Canalside West Helios is one of the School of Computing and Engineering's Webservers, providing space for staff and students within the School. Most new accounts will be setup on its sister server, Selene. They are maintained by the Unix Systems Administrator, within the Technical Support Team

As a current student or member of staff, various resources are available to you, including:

* PHP Scripting

* MySQL / MariaDB database development

* Jsp development using Tomcat

* Version control with Subversion (over on Hermes)

* Java Development

* C / C++ programming

This server is a Linux system, running ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit Server, hosting an Apache 2 server for the provision of web services. Access is via Secure Shell or Secure FTP only - insecure Telnet and FTP are not permitted.

Dave Parker, Unix Systems Administrator