It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Canalside Studios. Here’s what we’ve been up to since the last Devblog:




Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve continued producing level designs from concept to finish. I’ve also returned to programming and have developed a result screen on level completion. This screen displays which level the player has completed, along with level stats and trophies based on the player performance.

Devblog 4 Liam's End Level Screen - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Liam’s End Level Screen – HudUniGames



Over the last two weeks, I have worked on replacing the previous colouring system within the level editor. Previously, the system needed the user to manually type in the RGB values of each colour. Instead, I have made a new window which allows the user to choose from a preset collection of colours, as well as using sliders to adjust the RGB values and input hex codes to get desired colours. In addition to this, I have also made a new mechanic where the player can create a magnetic tether to objects within the scene and swing from them.


I created a new system for platforms to allow them to pass through multiple points, I also made it so the platforms can have several different behaviours, including looping, reversing and stopping at the end point. I have also begun work on a new camera system to make cameras work more consistently.
+ Bug Fixes

Devblog 4 Jonathan's Colour System - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Jonathan’s Colour System – HudUniGames



This week I worked on implementing the new door, as well as the new movable blocks. The door has a new shader, which makes it dissolve away and now bounces the player away if the door is activated with force.

Devblog 4 Matt's Moving Blocks and Gates - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Matt’s Moving Blocks and Gates – HudUniGames



Over the last couple of weeks we have started to focus more on polishing the game in preparation for it to be shown at Insomnia. To contribute to this, I have been going through some of the less used features and adding small changes to them. For example: I attempted to fix the polarity gate so it will force you out from the opposite side that you entered. I also added a health indicator for when the player is being hit by a laser, so they can see how long they have before it kills them. In addition to these changes I have been adding the new animations for the magnet that Dimitar made, which involved splitting the animations up in Unity and also adding some new logic to the magnet animators to handle the jumping and landing states.

Devblog 4 Reuben's Indicator - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Reuben’s Indicator – HudUniGames



For the last couple of weeks I have been working on producing more assets and pushing the level art further, in order to meet the new art choice. I have also worked on producing several shaders that can be used for new doors and checkpoint system.

Devblog 4 Sam's Level Art - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Sam’s Level Art – HudUniGames



I’ve been working on the posters and logo for the game. I have also started polishing some of the levels which will hopefully be in the final version of the game, although they may go through some iterations of improvement. The poster is trying to represent as much of the game as possible. The breaking of the wall suggests they are trying to escape and the cameras represent the players view as they are viewing the game from camera footage.

Devblog 4 Harry's Poster - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Harry’s Poster – HudUniGames



For the last two weeks I mainly worked on in-game animations. I started by making some background animations that explain how a magnet is made in the game world. After that, I fixed and refined some background animations that we already had in the engine. Once I’d finished with the background animations, I moved on to the character animations. We decided to give some personality to our two characters by giving them different animations. After a small meeting to decide how each of the characters is unique I started animating them. I made six animations for our “red” character, six for our “blue” character and four animations that they both share. Then I worked with Reuben to put them in the engine and have them work properly. Currently I am rigging and animating the shark.

Devblog 4 Dimitar's Shark - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Dimitar’s Shark – HudUniGames



I’ve been recording and synthesizing sound effects for the game. Most of the sounds are either for heavy machinery in the background of the level, hazards or liquids. If this is the kind of thing you find interesting, I’ve written a blog post about it called The Sound of Magnets: Sound Design

Devblog 4 Luke's Sound Effects - HudUniGames

Devblog 4 Luke’s Sound Effects – HudUniGames

As ever, you can see more of our work in the video below!