One of Canalside Studios’ own designers is entering Aadvark Swifts’s “Rising Star 2017” Competition.

Rising Star - Aadvark Swift

Rising Star – Aadvark Swift. Image from

Over the last few weeks, Computer Games Design student Samuel Dickinson has been designing his own environment. This is in preparation for his entry into Aadvark Swift’s “Rising Star” Competition. The environment depicts a hospital, abandoned after a virus outbreak and left to gather dust.

Sam Dickinson Hospital Scene 1

Sam Dickinson Hospital Scene 1 – HudUniGames

“My inspiration to build the scene came from playing The Division. I wanted to try and replicate the aesthetics and style which The Division has set. I then decided to build an abandoned hospital.
Following The Divisions story, I wanted the hospital to be set a couple of months after it all began.”

Sam Dickinson Hospital Scene 2

Sam Dickinson Hospital Scene 2 – HudUniGames

Aadvark Swift’s “Rising Star” Competition allows design and programming students, who are not yet in their final year, to compete in five different categories including:


  • Code
  • Character Art
  • Environment Art
  • Animation
  • VFX


As a designer, Sam will be entering the “Environment Art” category; Therefore, he will have to compete against other students throughout three stages:


  • 1 – Portfolio Assessment: Entrant’s portfolio’s will be examined and assessed by experts.
  • 2 – Art Specialisation Project: Entrants will have four weeks to create and submit work according to a brief.
  • 3 – Final Interview: Five finalists will be interviewed by a panel and discuss their portfolio, performance in the competition and aspirations.
Little Big Planet 3 by Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital are the developers behind Little Big Planet 3. Image from

The Little Big Planet 3 developers are offering a guaranteed internship interview at Sumo Digital as the grand prize. This is a desirable opportunity for any young developer hoping to break into the games industry. The Rising Star competition is also a great opportunity for students to build their portfolio. Therefore this leads to their work seen by some of the UK’s leading games studios.


Aadvark Swift are also running “Search for a Star” – Rising Star’s companion competition which is open to final year and Masters students.


Check out the video below to take a look around Sam’s hospital environment, or Click Here to visit Sam’s portfolio and see more of his artwork!