On Wednesday 02nd November 2016, David Connely will be coming to

the University of Huddersfield to give a lecture.

David Connely Guest Lecture Series

David Connely Guest Lecture Series Huddersfield 2016 – HudUniGames


A graduate of Computer Games Design at The University of Huddersfield, David spent several years working as a games artist up until 3 years ago when he transitioned into the film industry, specifically working as a Visual Effects Artist. Specialising in 3D modelling and texturing, David has worked as a Character Artist on movies such as Captain America Civil War, Ben Hur, King Arthur and recently completed work on Marvel’s Doctor Strange!


This talk is recommended to all students, but particularly aspiring artists. All Games Students and anyone that has an interest in the area should come to the talk and Q&A.


See you there!