A group of Enterprise Placement Year (EPY) students at the University of Huddersfield are in with the chance to win £25,000 in funding.


Ocean Spark is an independent video game studio set up by four video games design students. They are all third year games design or games programming students from the University of Huddersfield. The EPY students are in the final round of the UK Games Fund’s Tranzfuser funding. They have a great shot at winning a massive £25,000 to help them complete their game “Tetra”. They (and the rest of the world) will find out at EGX Rezzed in London at the end of March. Fingers crossed!


“Tetra” is a strategic, role-playing tower defence game. The player controls four elemental guardians with distinct abilities.

Hud Uni Games - 2017 - Ocean Spark

Hud Uni Games – 2017 – Ocean Spark – EPY


Tranzfuser, the innovative new games development program, is run by UK Games Talent. The main goal of Tranzfuser is to provide an annual shot for top Games talent into the UK development ecosystem with a focus on creative team leaders.


This is the first time a UK-wide talent programme has been directly linked to a prototype fund. It will allow new teams to receive the full benefit from grants and to interact with a host of other early-stage games development teams and companies.

Tetra now have been working on developing a website and now this has gone live click here to find out about this amazing game!


Additionally, Ellie Brown and Helen Andrzejowska, both members of Ocean Spark, have got through the to second stage of Sumo Digital’s Rising Star competition (along with Sam Dickinson from Canalside Studios). This yearly event has entrants create their own games, art assets, animations or visual effects. Prize packages include valuable access to established games companies, one being a guaranteed internship interview with Sumo Digital.


However, Ocean Spark aren’t the only EPY students finding success. Torchbearer Interactive have already been awarded £15,000 by Creative England so that they can complete their game “Cloud Cover”. Torchbearer comprise three games programming students who work on their own projects and who also contract out to other EPY teams.