If you were at Insomnia60 over the Easter weekend, then you may have visited the Flux8 stand! If not, don’t worry! Our developers are on hand to tell you what you missed.


We sent Harry, Matt, Sam and Jonathan down to Insomnia60 in Birmingham (along with Tess and Newt, of course) so that you guys could come and play Flux8 for the first time! Here’s what happened:

Flux8 at Insomnia Raven - HudUniGames

Flux8 at Insomnia: Raven Cosplay- HudUniGames



As part of Flux8’s development, I recently attended the Insomnia60 games event at the NEC, Birmingham, along with a few other people. This event was the first part of marketing for the game and getting a large amount of people to play it, in order to see both their reactions, as well as their thoughts on it.


Throughout the event we had a plethora of people come over and try the game, of which a very large majority enjoyed it. We also received a lot of feedback on how we should improve the game, which will be beneficial in the coming months of development. Our expected target audience, which is children, thoroughly enjoyed the game and loved the merchandise we took to the event, including badges, stickers and business cards.


Overall the event went well and it was a very fun time for me personally, getting out there into the world of games and the events that happen because of them. Hopefully I will be there at Insomnia 61, showing an increasingly polished game and meeting many new people, including other developers.

Flux8 at Insomnia Galactic Knights - HudUniGames

Flux8 at Insomnia: Galactic Knights – HudUniGames



We arrived at the event on Thursday, the day before the event, meaning we had a choice of where to set up our stand. We decided to set up at the end of the row so we could try to entice people passing by with our free merchandise. Looking back after the event, I believe more posters would have been helpful on the sides of the booth to make it look more appealing.


The start of the event seemed slow as most of the attendees visited the AAA games before visiting the indie booths. After a few people visited the booth and responded positively to the game, the stand began to attract visitors more consistently, having at least one person playing the game at any given time. The event peaked on Saturday at noon, having a larger audience at the stand playing the single player as well as the Local-Coop. As the demographic for the game was kids, we had an encouraging amount of positive feedback from the younger audience.


During the event we encouraged players to vote on Steam Greenlight and a large amount of players did, leaving helpful feedback and comments on the game. The remainder of the event consisted of a varied demographic playing the game, ranging from the younger to older audience who all seemed to enjoy it. The event also served as a playtest, allowing us to find bugs and come up with ideas for improvements.

Flux8 at Insomnia Torbjorn - HudUniGames

Flux8 at Insomnia: Torbjorn Cosplay – HudUniGames



The evening of the first day gave the opportunity to meet with other developers and discuss both game development, as well as how the teaching of games has changed over the years, several of the older developers not having had the option to study games development, let alone get a placement within the industry.


On the Saturday, we went in knowing that it was likely to be the busiest day of the weekend and as such, we went in with the fixes from the previous day, having cut the more problematic levels to give us the best opportunity to showcase the game. We also began to take more of a focus on the multiplayer game and pushed the Steam Greenlight more.


The last two days proceeded more steadily as the attendance slowed down. During this time, we also attracted several cosplayers who got a photo opportunity with Tess and Newt. After spending the 4 days next to the Yogscast booth, Newt even got a photo with Sjin on the last day.

Flux8 at Insomnia Yogscast Sjin - HudUniGames

Flux8 at Insomnia: Yogscast Sjin – HudUniGames

Did you visit the Flux8 stand at Insomnia60? Let us know in the comments section below! Don’t forget, you can still Vote for Flux8 on Steam Greenlight!