We’re pleased to announce that a free, playable demo of our upcoming title “Flux8” is now available to download on Game Jolt!


This demo features two different game modes: Single player and two-player co-op. There are twelve single player levels to complete, along with three co-op levels for you and a friend to enjoy. This demo is designed to introduce players to some of Flux8’s core mechanics and get a feel for the game, while also allowing us to gather feedback and make improvements.

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A playable demo of Flux8 is now available for free on Game Jolt

Please remember that this is an early demo, so you may notice a few broken textures and missing audio clips. The demo is currently only available for Windows in both 32bit and 64bit versions. With that said, any downloads, ratings and feedback are greatly appreciated by the whole team!


You can download the Free Flux8 Playable Demo Here!


Still not convinced? Youtuber Fellow Player has already downloaded and completed the demo! Check out his video below to hear his thoughts on Flux8 in it’s current state! Spoiler Alert: He liked it!



pTs 42 also gave the Flux8 demo a try!


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Check out our website here: http://www.flux8game.com/