On Monday, we sent some of our students to London to attend The Tech Expo – a two day Conference and Exhibition in London.


The Tech Expo gave our students the opportunity to explore some of the latest emerging technological solutions, ranging from Virtual Reality to Robotics. They even had time to do a bit a sight seeing at the end of the day!


Upon their return, we asked some of our students to tell us about their day – what they got up to, which shiny new gadgets they had their eye on and what they have learned. Here’s what they had to say:



“The first stand I went and had a look at was a company called Orbirama. They specialise in making panoramic videos into orbiramic videos, this meaning they can view and manipulate live events from its orbit. At first I thought it was a really good idea, all they had to do was aim their camera at a woman on a business card/magazine and she became 3D.

Tech Expo 2016 London

Tech Expo 2016 London – HudUniGames

“This amazed me at first but there were certain parts of it that needed working on and touching up, for example when they demonstrated it, it worked fine but when they tried to do it using a magazine and then attempted to rotate it, it decided to crash and break which was a shame. But all in all it was a very interesting product but I don’t think it has a very good purpose at the moment. The second company I decided to go and see was called SUBPAC tactile bass system.


“I did really like the Orbirama Vision technology we looked at first, the 360 degree vision centred on a focal point, it’s definitely going to increase the popularity of something like wrestling, having a fixed stage you can rotate your head around to see a different angle of the fight to someone else.



“I’m intrigued to see the applications it has for rehabilitation for those suffering from mental health issues or PTSD


The EEG mixed VIVE setup was interesting too, it attempted to track and tell me my emotions in the form of a few colours .This was a company that provided jackets and headphones that the user can wear which replicates the effect of being in a club where there is a lot of bass. I thought this would be a really good idea for when you are playing music games or when you are in a very loud battle on a different type of game. These were both shown in 2 different variations, one where you can stand up and use it, the other where you can sit down and use it.