Canalside Studios Student Profile: Luke Kilby, Web Content Producer

Luke Kilby, Web Content Producer at Canalside Studios – HudUniGames

Name: Luke Kilby
Job: Web Content Producer


Tell us a bit about yourself:


“I’m Luke Kilby, a Popular Music Production student at the University of Huddersfield. I’m currently on placement at Canalside Studios where I work with Tom to produce content for the website… and build the website itself!”


How did you first get into music production?


“I just sort of fell into it. I started getting into rock music in high school when I bought Guitar Hero 3, and ended up teaching myself to play a real guitar. From there I started to develop an interest in electronic music and went to college to study Popular Music Performance. I played in quite a few bands, but found I was pretty good when it came to the production side of things too.”


Why did you choose to study at the University of Huddersfield?


“When I left college I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I applied for a Music Performance course at another university, but decided to cancel my interview and take a year out to improve my musical abilities and production skills. After a few months I spoke to a student studying Music Technology and Audio Systems at the University of Huddersfield and it sounded really interesting. I had a look on the website and found the Popular Music Production course, which had a performance module. It was exactly what I was looking for.”


What are you hoping to achieve while on your placement at Canalside Studios?


“While working at the studio, I’m hoping to build up a portfolio of work that I can show to potential employers after I leave university. I’m also going to be creating the audio for the games we make this year. I think I’ll learn a lot about sound design and I’m really looking forward to releasing a product with my own sound effects and music attached to it!”


What is your favourite genre of music to produce?


“I love producing Drum & Bass – especially if I can make room in the mix for a guitar. It’s the powerful drums and fast tempo that attracted me at first, but I find the more subtle aspects such as the little intricacies that transform the synthesizers, fascinating.”




What is your favourite piece of software to use and why?


“I quite like Native Instruments’ “Massive”. It’s a plugin that allows me to build synthesizer patches. I can spend hours just playing around with different combinations and learning which waveforms work well together. My Digital Audio Workstation of choice is Logic Pro X. I was taught the basics of using it at college and learned the rest through trial and error and YouTube tutorials. I love how intuitive everything is.”


What is your favourite video game and why?


“My favourite video game is probably Portal 2. I enjoy games with a good story and games that make me think, so picking up Portal 2 was a no-brainer. The game has a great sense of humour and brilliant voice acting too… I actually named my cat Wheatley!

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I also enjoy playing Rust. It’s still in early access right now but it’s really fun. I’ve had some great nights going out on tense raids with friends, running away from bears, running away from helicopters… we run a lot.”


Do you have any examples of previous work that you would like to show us?


“I upload music to my SoundCloud profile occasionally. Most of the tracks on there are quite old now, but I like to leave them on there so I can listen to them from time to time and see how much progression I’ve made.



I also have a YouTube channel. I don’t upload that often, but there are a couple of videos on there that I made for University, so you can check those out if you like.”