Canalside Studios Student Profile: Matthew Oldfield, Programmer

Matthew Oldfield, Programmer at Canalside Studios, HudUniGames

Name: Matthew Oldfield
Job: Programmer

Tell us a bit about yourself:


“I am an avid gamer, I mostly play eve online now but used to play World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and used to be very in to Forza before I got my gaming pc.”


How did you first get into video game development?


“I always wanted to program as a kid and was always good with computers. I didn’t really start programming until I was in collage but it came naturally to me. It took a bit of getting used to when I started at university but I now it’s just like speaking another language to me.”


Why did you choose to study at the University of Huddersfield?


“As I lived in Huddersfield and had a job it made sense to stay local. It ended up better in the end as all my friends who went to other Universities have dropped out.”


desert - HudUniGames

desert – HudUniGames



What are you hoping to achieve while on your placement at Canalside Studios?


“I hope to broaden my knowledge and find my expertise and well as come out with a product at the end of my placement.”


What is your favourite thing to programme?


“Artificial Intelligence because it requires a lot of logic.”


What is your favourite piece of software to use and why?


“Visual studio as it had a dark mode and IntelliSense is useful when it works.”


What is your favourite video game and why?


“Eve online as they balance the risk-reward very well, and there are so many mechanics, even though I have played for 3+ years there is still new stuff for me to do.”

Eve Online

Eve Online (




Do you have any examples of previous work that you would like to show us?


In this project I mostly worked on the physics in the game. It was difficult as this was the first time that I used Unity at a professional level but in the end I got it “working”. I then moved on to the UI and audio, creating engine sounds from scratch and implementing them in Unity. Finally, I had a little time left over to add some particle effects for polish.


Snow - HudUniGames

Snow – HudUniGames