Canalside Studios Student Profile: Samuel Dickinson, Designer

Samuel Dickinson, Designer at Canalside Studios, HudUniGames

Name: Samuel Dickinson
Job: Designer

Tell us a bit about yourself:


“I’m Samuel Dickinson, a games design student at the University of Huddersfield, currently on a placement year at Canalside Studios. I’m an aspiring 3D environmental artist, hoping to push my abilities further.”


How did you first get into video game development?


“I first got into video games development through my love for playing games and wanting to understand how the worlds were built within those games. After teaching myself a modelling program in my own time and enjoying it, I started to pursue it as a career.”


Why did you choose to study at the University of Huddersfield?


“I felt the university of Huddersfield was the correct place to study, as the course focused more heavily on 3D, while also giving us the freedom to work on projects we chose.”



Student Work: Samuel Dickinson


What are you hoping to achieve while on your placement at Canalside Studios?


“I hope to further myself within games design and to get to know the process of how games are made to a more in depth understanding. I also wish to push my environmental art further at any given opportunity.”


What is your favourite thing to design/programme?


“My favourite thing to design would be large environments, figuring out how they would be constructed and also what elements help make them stand out.”


What is your favourite piece of software to use and why?


“My favourite software to use is Substance Painter, mainly because it gives me the ability to paint directly onto 3d models, while also being easy to use. I also enjoy using Maya to build my assets, as its very user friendly while also featuring some very powerful tools.”


What is your favourite video game and why?


“My favourite video game is Final Fantasy, due to its massive open worlds and engaging stories.”


Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 (

Do you have any examples of previous work that you would like to show us?


“This was a piece I designed for a university module. It’s a large cathedral that has been re-purposed into a grand library for the three species who inhabit the world.”

Portfolio: (Website is currently down while I make changes)