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Puzzle-Platformer “Flux8” Is Now Available To Buy On Steam

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Puzzle-Platformer “Flux8” Is Now Available To Buy On Steam

Canalside Studios’ latest title “Flux8” is now available to buy on the Steam Store!


As of today, Canalside Studios’ new puzzle-platformer “Flux8” is available to purchase on the Steam Store!


If you’ve been following the fortnightly Canalside Studios’ Devblogs all year, then you’re probably quite familiar with “Flux8” already. For those who don’t know, here’s what the game is all about:


As a sentient magnet, enslaved in a factory, you have two options: work or be terminated!
However, not all magnets are born to work. Some dream of freedom and choose to rebel.
There’s a whole wide world waiting just outside those factory doors… you must remain positive!

Flux8 Gameplay - HudUniGames

Flux8 Gameplay – HudUniGames

Flux8 is a puzzle platformer, based around the polarity of magnets and how they react to opposite and similar forces.

You play as two magnets named Newt and Tess. Navigate the factory floor, attracting and repelling at will to avoid your untimely demise.

Each level tests your understanding of magnetic forces to navigate and dodge the deadly working environment as you head for freedom.

Collect floppy discs throughout your escape to customize Newt and Tess with a range of fashionable accessories.

  • Solve challenging magnet based puzzles!
  • Customize your magnet!
Flux8 Co-Op - HudUniGames

Flux8 Co-Op – HudUniGames

Work alone or team up with a friend to earn your freedom, across both individual and co-op campaigns.

  • Work together with a friend in 2 Player Local co-op
  • Control both magnets independently to complete the co-op campaign alone
Flux8 Editor - HudUniGames

Flux8 Editor – HudUniGames

Create your very own levels with our built in level editor. The simple to learn editor gives you the freedom to express and share your creativity with the world via the Steam Workshop!

  • Create levels using the built in Level Editor
  • Steam Workshop integration – share levels with your friends!

You can purchase “Flux8” for just £4.31 right here on the Steam Store!


Still not convinced? Check out the free demo which is available here on Gamejolt!

Canalside Studios is looking for students to play-test “Flux8”

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Canalside Studios is looking for students to play-test “Flux8”

Canalside Studios is looking for students to play-test “Flux8”


Canalside Studios is looking for games students to come and play-test our upcoming magnet-based puzzle-platformer, “Flux8”



“Flux8” is a puzzle-platformer based around the polarity of magnets and how they react to opposite and similar forces. The game is due to be released on Steam this August.


We’re looking for Computer Games Design and Programming students within the University of Huddersfield to provide us with feedback and help us find bugs. Play-testers will have access to both single player and co-op campaigns, as well as the built in level editor.


Play-testers who play “Flux8” for 3 hours or more throughout the course of the week will earn themselves a Steam key to download “Flux8” for free once it releases.


All in-game footage will be recorded using screen-capture software, so that our developers can go back and replicate bugs and issues later.


If you wish to take part in the play-test, please come to Canalside Studios (CW4/19) any time between 10am-4pm, Monday 24th – Friday 28th July.


In the meantime, why not check out the latest devblog to see what we’ve been working on?


We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Canalside Studios: Devblog 11

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 11

As we edge ever closer to Flux8’s release date, we’re all working hard fixing bugs, polishing levels and mastering music!


Here’s what we’ve been working on since the last devblog:




Over the last two weeks, I have been working on developing the background creation tools. The main part I have been working on is a tool to place background prefabs and spacers. As a part of this, I created a new snapping system to allow rooms to attach despite being different sizes. In addition, I have also made a new system to place scenery, such as wall mounted assets and clutter. Again, for each of these, I have added a feature to save and load.





This week I have been working on the Steam Workshop integration with the game. I have made a UI that allows you to upload your level with a screen shot, and apply updates to levels you have already uploaded. This will allow other users to download your level and play them from the main menu.






Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to polish several parts of the game. This includes updating parts of the menu to be usable with controllers. I have also added the majority of achievements required for the game and set this up to work with Steam when we release.

Devblog 11 Reuben's Achievements - HudUniGames

Devblog 11 Reuben’s Achievements – HudUniGames



During the past couple of weeks of working at Canalside Studios, I have been continuing with fixing and decorating levels at an increased rate in order to meet our deadline for testing. I have also been delegating tasks to the other designers, evenly splitting the remaining tasks so that we can release the game on time.

Devblog 11 Sam's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 11 Sam’s Level – HudUniGames



The past few weeks I have been working on polishing some of the levels ready for testing. The aim is to complete the levels for next Friday so there is plenty of time for testing before release on July 31st. I have also helped by working on the Steam page and plan to improve it further next week.

Devblog 11 Harry's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 11 Harry’s Level – HudUniGames



Lately I have been working on the levels in Flux8. I made a couple of red and a couple of co-op levels. Then I put all of them in scenes inside the editor, set up all the cameras in the scenes and started decorating them. I am close to finishing the red magnet campaign, which means that we only have the co-op campaign to finish now and all of the levels will be completed.

Devblog 11 Dimitar's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 11 Dimitar’s Level – HudUniGames



I’ve begun recording and processing the final batch of sound effects. Once I’ve got all of the  sounds we need, I’ll be going through each level and making sure the balance between the different sounds is correct. I’ve also finished mixing and mastering a couple more pieces of music. I still have one or two more to do, but I’m hoping to have these finished by the end of next week. Here’s another one you might recognize if you played the free demo on Gamejolt.



As most of our work at the moment is stuff we’ve shown off before, instead of the usual video, we thought we’d show off some of our favourite bugs!


Starting with this “alternative” menu from a very early version of the game, before it even got it’s name!



Then there was the time Tess learned to fly!



And finally, my personal favourite: Reuben’s amazing growth ray! Not quite the intended effect of the lasers…



Canalside Studios: Devblog 10

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 10

It’s been pretty quiet at Canalside Studios recently as everybody’s been booking time off to enjoy the nice weather!


Regardless, here’s what those of us who remain have been up to for the last few weeks:




I’ve been continuing making levels over the past two weeks.

Devblog 10 Liam's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Liam’s Level – HudUniGames



Over the last two weeks, I have been working on expanding the background system to make it easier to create backgrounds and environments for the game. One of the features I have made is a scaffolding tool which can be used to create scaffolding around the level itself. The new system allows you to draw out the initial struts and add cross bars and supports to scaffolds. I have also worked on another tool to manually place the background tiles, mainly for the designers to quickly generate the backgrounds for their levels. Both of these systems can then save and load their setup into other scenes.

Devblog 10 Jonathan's Scaffolding - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Jonathan’s Scaffolding – HudUniGames



This week I have been working on implementing the back and front end of Steam Workshop integration. This involves using the Steam API to get currently uploaded levels, as well as a way for users to easily upload their own levels, which they have made in the level editor.

Devblog 10 Matt's Steam Workshop Integration - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Matt’s Steam Workshop Integration – HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Matt's Level Uploader - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Matt’s Level Uploader – HudUniGames



I have spent the last couple of weeks doing tweaks to add extra polish to the game such as a few minor additions to the menu, adding sounds to the characters and also making extra features for some levels such as blocks looking like they are being destroyed on a level where the player is being chased by a machine.

Devblog 10 Reuben's Destroyed Blocks - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Reuben’s Destroyed Blocks – HudUniGames



For the past couple of weeks I have been fixing and decorating several levels, in order to reach our level target for release. I have also been helping set up the the Steam store page, so that it has all the information and images it needs ready for when it goes live.

Devblog 10 Sam's Decorated Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 10 Sam’s Decorated Level – HudUniGames



I’ve been mixing and mastering (or at least, attempting to) some of the music I’ve composed for the game. I’ve got a few that are finished and ready to go into the game now. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be recording and processing the rest of the sound effects we need, as well as hopefully finishing off the rest of the music. If you played the free Flux8 demo, you may recognize the track below – it’s the menu music! Except now it sounds all shiny and finished.



As ever, watch the video below to see some of our work in action!




Flux8 has been Greenlit on Steam!

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Flux8 has been Greenlit on Steam!

That’s right! Canalside Studios’ upcoming magnet-based puzzle-platformer “Flux8” has been Greenlit on Steam!


On behalf of the whole development team here at Canalside Studios, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped us to get Flux8 Greenlit!


Whether you voted for the game on Steam Greenlight, followed Flux8 on social media or even played the free demo on Gamejolt, your help and support is greatly appreciated!

Flux8 Greenlit on Steam - HudUniGames

Flux8 Greenlit on Steam – HudUniGames

What happens next?


From here, we’ll continue building and polishing Flux8 until it’s ready to release, which will hopefully be sometime around the end of July 2017! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow Flux8 on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates (and to see all of the hilarious, game breaking bugs we find!).


You can also check out the fortnightly devblogs to see what we’re working on and how your feedback is helping us improve the game. From level design and assets to code and audio, it’s all covered!


Don’t forget, you can still check out the Free Flux8 Demo on Gamejolt! We’re currently featured on the website and have had just under 1000 plays! This is an early-access build of the game, so expect to see a few bugs and backwards-facing bow ties. The demo is available in both 32bit and 64bit versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. We hope you enjoy the demo and remember, your feedback is valuable to us!


Still not convinced? We’ve had an influx (see what I did there?) of Youtuber’s playing the demo recently. We’ve compiled all of the videos we’ve found so far into one convenient playlist which you can check out below! Although if you are planning on playing the demo yourself, watching the solutions on Youtube first may take some of the fun out of it!



Check out our website here:

Thank you again for your continued support… we’ll see you on release day!

Canalside Studios: Devblog 9

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 9

We’ve had some great feedback from people playing the Flux8 demo!


We’re continuing to make improvements and implement new ideas! Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:




I’ve been continuing development on the levels within the game. The levels I’ve created focus mainly on more advanced mechanics, such as the polarity switch gate and lasers.

Devblog 9 Liam's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Liam’s Level – HudUniGames



Over the last few weeks, I have been working on creating a background generator for the level editor to speed up the level building process and give players a background for their levels. The generator uses pre-built sections which are assembled in a grid to fit the level. I made this so it could also take in a seed to get the same background generated multiple times. I also made new magnet pads which can stretch in the middle, whilst keeping the ends the correct size, using a series of models which Sam made. Following this, I created a tool to swap out the old magnet pads with the new ones I had added in. In addition, I added a new method to draw out the rails which the moving platforms run on, using a similar method to the magnet pads.

Devblog 9 Jonathan's Generated Background - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Jonathan’s Generated Background – HudUniGames



This week I have been working on improving the jumping system. Before, it only checked directly under the player but now it checks in an area, making it easier to complete accurate jumps.

Devblog 9 Matt's Jump Box - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Matt’s Jump Box – HudUniGames

I also started work on the workshop UI for downloading player-made levels.

Devblog 9 Matt's Workshop UI - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Matt’s Workshop UI – HudUniGames



Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a number of different parts of the game. Firstly I worked on adding a few things to the level editor such as adding UI to make configuring the movable blocks more intuitive.

Another addition to the level editor was the new spinner obstacles which the player has to avoid being hit by. Finally, I worked some more on the main menu to add a “mail system”, to give background story information,  and also a screen to show the player’s progress finding collectibles.

Devblog 7 Reuben – Hud Uni Games



For the past few weeks I have been working on decorating the levels previously made by Liam. I have also tried to incorporate other mechanics into the levels which were made after the levels were built. My aim for the next few weeks is to continue decorating and testing the levels in preparation for the game release on July 31st.

Devblog 9 Harry's Level - Hud Uni Games

Devblog 9 Harry’s Level – Hud Uni Games



In the past week I worked on mainly creating even more background prefabs for our level editor and fixing/ adjusting some previous levels.

Devblog 9 Dimitar's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Dimitar’s Level – HudUniGames



I’ve been composing music for the Co-Op levels. I decided these levels needed to have more upbeat, energetic music than in single player. I’m hoping to mix and master some of the other tracks I’ve been working on over the next couple of weeks and get them into the game.

Devblog 9 Luke's Music - HudUniGames

Devblog 9 Luke’s Music – HudUniGames

As usual, you can view our work in the video below!


Flux8 Demo Now Available for Mac and Linux

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Flux8 Demo Now Available for Mac and Linux

The Free Flux8 Demo is now available to download for Mac and Linux, as well as Windows.


Flux8 on Mac and Linux - HudUniGames

Flux8 on Mac and Linux – HudUniGames

The demo is available in both 32bit and 64bit and has just been updated to version 0.2.0, which includes the following changes:


  • Rebindable keys
  • New line shader
  • Updated tutorials
  • Optimisation for lower settings
  • Windows download now contains drivers required for XInput


Bug Fixes:


  • Sometimes being able to jump on kill surfaces
  • Activating in fields increases force


We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played the demo and voted for Flux8 on Steam Greenlight so far. Your support and feedback is greatly appreciated! A number of YouTuber’s have played through the demo and given us some great feedback. Check out the playlist below to hear what they had to say!


Check out our website here:

You can download the Free Flux8 Demo Here on GameJolt!



Canalside Studios: Devblog 8

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 8

For Devblog 8, we thought we’d try something a bit different!


Recently, most of our efforts have been concentrated on preparing a playable demo of Flux8, which you can download Here on Game Jolt! Other than bug fixes and texturing, there isn’t really much to show. That’s why we’ve decided to try something a little different!


At Canalside Studios, Wednesday afternoon is our “Research Afternoon”. Each week, we put Flux8 to one side for a few hours to work on our own personal projects. Here’s a look at what we all get up to when we’re not building levels, writing code or recording sound effects!




For my personal project, I have been working on creating a space-based dogfighter game. The game is currently very basic, containing only a few mechanics. However, I have worked on implementing player controls, a weapon and health system with shields, as well as a camera system to both follow the player and lock onto the target. I have also put in an indicator which tracks where the target is on the screen and will lock to the edges of the screen, showing the distance to the current target. On top of this, I have made a start learning Unreal Engine 4, making use of C++ and following some tutorials to become proficient with the language and the engine.

Devblog 8 Jonathan's Space Game - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Jonathan’s Space Game – HudUniGames



For my personal project, I have been improving my skills in Unreal Engine. I haven’t used Unreal a lot, so I started with the FPS project and started making changes to it. It’s rather simple at the moment, with just toggle fire modes, but I am expanding on it as i go.

Devblog 8 Matt's Edited Gun - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Matt’s Edited Gun – HudUniGames



Y’arrgh, this is a mobile game I have been working on in my spare time and project days. It’s currently only a prototype to show off a couple of things like the wheel interface for controlling the boat. However, I do have some more plans to work on it in future, including adding enemies and gameplay objectives.


The most recent part of the game I have been working on is the map generation which I am now going to use when generating paths for enemies to take around the map. This will involve using an implementation of A* to find the quickest path to the player.

Devblog 8 Reuben's Pirate Game - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Reuben’s Pirate Game – HudUniGames



For the past couple of research days we have had, I have been working on a modular sci-fi corridor, which I hope to put into my portfolio once it is done. The segment that is in the image is the first of several modular pieces I will be making, along with pipes, panels and other sci-fi elements.

Devblog 8 Sam's Corridor - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Sam’s Corridor – HudUniGames



For my research day I have been working on two projects, a MP4-12C Mclaren and a modern living room. I created the Mclaren in my first year of university but never finished it, I went back to it and began retopologising it so I could take a render/wireframe for my portfolio. I have also started a modern living room which is inspired from multiple pictures. My aim is to create a scene that will show multiple skills and techniques across different pieces of software.

Devblog 8 Harry's Car - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Harry’s Car – HudUniGames



In my personal project time I’m trying to refine my skills in animation. I looked at a multitude of videos teaching boxing techniques, from performing a well executed hit to the subtle movement of the body between hits. I am animating the upper bodies of the two characters first to get a sense of how far can they reach and if they are capable of dodging hits. When I do this, I will concentrate on the leg movements as they are slightly more complicated and depend on the upper body movement (for example: when a fighter prepares and executes a hit, his legs react to give him balance and flexibility so that he can move back or react quickly).


I also started modelling a mech. As the project is in an early state I am blocking out the different pieces of the machine using a couple of concept pictures.

Devblog 8 Dimitar's Mech - HudUniGames

Devblog 8 Dimitar’s Mech – HudUniGames



I’ve started recreating an old Drum & Bass track I wrote a few years ago. I always liked the composition, but I didn’t mix or master it very well. It sounds over-compressed and the bass is way too loud. Now that a few years have passed and I’m better at mixing, I thought I’d give it another go. You can listen to the original version below.



Watch the video below for a glimpse at everyone’s work!


Download the Free Flux8 Playable Demo on Game Jolt!

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Download the Free Flux8 Playable Demo on Game Jolt!

We’re pleased to announce that a free, playable demo of our upcoming title “Flux8” is now available to download on Game Jolt!


This demo features two different game modes: Single player and two-player co-op. There are twelve single player levels to complete, along with three co-op levels for you and a friend to enjoy. This demo is designed to introduce players to some of Flux8’s core mechanics and get a feel for the game, while also allowing us to gather feedback and make improvements.

Devblog 4 Harry's Poster - HudUniGames

A playable demo of Flux8 is now available for free on Game Jolt

Please remember that this is an early demo, so you may notice a few broken textures and missing audio clips. The demo is currently only available for Windows in both 32bit and 64bit versions. With that said, any downloads, ratings and feedback are greatly appreciated by the whole team!


You can download the Free Flux8 Playable Demo Here!


Still not convinced? Youtuber Fellow Player has already downloaded and completed the demo! Check out his video below to hear his thoughts on Flux8 in it’s current state! Spoiler Alert: He liked it!



pTs 42 also gave the Flux8 demo a try!


Don’t forget to follow “Flux8” on Facebook and Twitter for more updates, and Click Here to vote for Flux8 on Steam Greenlight!

Check out our website here:

Canalside Studios: Devblog 7

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 7

Now that everyone’s back from Insomnia and Flux8 is on Steam Greenlight, we’re back to work finishing the game!


Here’s what we’ve been doing over the last two weeks:




Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been continuing with the level designs and development. The levels created are now in the process of being exported to separate scenes and cameras for the levels are being place. during this process I’ve also been introducing co-worker to try out levels that have cameras placed and receiving feedback to help refine the levels.

Devblog 7 Liam's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Liam’s Level – HudUniGames



Over the last two weeks, I have been working on making a new system for creating backgrounds in the level editor. A big part of this has been making a tiling system for pipes to automatically connect in a drawn path. The system I made can also save and load pipe layouts.

Devblog 7 Jonathan's Pipe System - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Jonathan’s Pipe System – HudUniGames



This week, I came up with a system that allows the balls to respawn without killing the players. Now I’m working on making the ball dissolve before it respawns.

Devblog 7 Matt's Respawning Ball - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Matt’s Respawning Ball – HudUniGames



The last couple of weeks have mainly involved reacting to issues that were discovered at Insomnia and trying to correct these. The tasks I have completed as part of this include bug fixes, such as fixing the timer to remain consistent when repeatedly switching between activated and deactivated states. I also added some new, small features such as a visual representation for the timer, so the player can see how long they have remaining.

Devblog 7 Reuben's Timer - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Reuben’s Timer – HudUniGames



During the last couple of weeks I have been decorating more levels, creating a new electricity shader and creating more assets for the game. I have also been working with the programmers to get more tools built to speed up the design side of things, such as a modular pipe spline system, where I was responsible for the creation of the modular pipes.

Devblog 7 Sam's Decorated Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Sam’s Decorated Level – HudUniGames



For the past few weeks I have been polishing some of the levels to the standard of the levels we showed at Insomnia. I have also taken feedback from the event and fixed bugs and problems that arose with the current levels.

Devblog 7 Harry's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Harry’s Level – HudUniGames



After Insomnia and making a playable build, I returned to making levels that we have saved for later on in the game. Making the playable build meant that we had to implement some changes to the game and its mechanics. I am now going back to our older levels, which are ready for implementation, and making sure that they are still playable after the changes, otherwise I have to make adjustments to them. Most of the magnetic pads in the levels have had their strengths changed and there are size changes with the different game tokens. Those two examples are easy to fix, but some bigger problems have also appeared which mean I must change the layout of the affected levels.

Devblog 7 Dimitar's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Dimitar’s Level – HudUniGames



I’ve continued to work on music and sound effects for the game. I’m currently experimenting with a new piece of music which is a lot more relaxing than previous pieces. Hopefully, it will be finished within the next few weeks.

Devblog 7 Luke's Composition - HudUniGames

Devblog 7 Luke’s Composition – HudUniGames

As usual, you can see what we’ve been working on in the video below!


Canalside Studios: Devblog 6

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Canalside Studios: Devblog 6

As we’ve been so busy making our Steam Greenlight trailer and attending Insomnia60, we decided to put together one big Devblog detailing our work over the last month, rather than two fortnightly ones.


Here’s what we’ve been up to since last time:




Over the last month, I have been working to get the game ready for Insomnia. I worked alongside Matt and Sam to test and fix the game ready for the event. Also during this month, I went to Insomnia with Matt, Sam and Harry and showcased the game at the indie zone. We took this opportunity to get feedback on the game and find what areas people enjoyed and what we could improve on. Since coming back I have been fixing areas of the game.

Devblog 6 Jonathan at Insomnia60 - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Jonathan at Insomnia60 – HudUniGames



This past month, I have been creating the demo for Insomnia60. This was a lot of work as we wanted a non-development build that allows no errors within our code, so we spent two weeks beforehand removing all of the errors. We unfortunately ran in to some low-level problems in the physics engine, forcing us to use developer mode, but we had no other problems otherwise; Because of this, we didn’t have a lot of time too test which meant we had to do one or two fixes at the event.
We got a lot of great feedback at the event. One of the major things we found was that people didn’t understand the line renderers, which showed them what buttons interacted with. Right now, I’m trying a new implementation to make this more obvious.

Devblog 6 Matt's Line Renderer - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Matt’s Line Renderer – HudUniGames



Since the last Devblog was posted, the game has gone live on Steam Greenlight. Due to the timing, this meant that the team was split between working on a demo for Insomnia and working on the requirements for the Greenlight page. I worked mainly on the trailer for the game which involved spending a lot of time syncing the animations correctly in Unity so they all played at the correct times.

Devblog 6 Reuben's Animation - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Reuben’s Animation – HudUniGames



For the past few weeks, I have been helping to prepare for the Insomnia60 gaming festival. I have mainly been responsible for testing the game, to look for any bugs or design mistakes.


I have also been updating some of the old assets to fit better with the visual style of the game. The moving platforms and the magnet pads are the assets I’ve been focusing on, due to these two being neglected for the past few months of development.

Devblog 6 Sam's Platform - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Sam’s Platform – HudUniGames



For the past few weeks I have been preparing to exhibit at the Insomnia60 event. I have created merchandise for the game as well as work on the game by building levels and thoroughly play-testing. The exhibition was in Birmingham and lasted 4 days. We gathered a large amount of positive, as well as critical, feedback on the game and are currently working to improve and expand based on this feedback.

Devblog 6 Harry Playtesting - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Harry Playtesting – HudUniGames



During the last month, we were primarily getting ready for Insomnia. I’ve been testing all of the levels that were going to the event and working on the Steam Greenlight trailer. I was working on the multiplayer end levels of the Insomnia demo. The trailer was super fun to make. From the initial idea to execution it was an amazing experience. Reuben and I even had to voice the characters, so we went to a recording studio at the university with Luke and had to make a lot of weird and fun sounds in order to give personality to our characters. From running, jumping and landing sounds to being happy, scared and excited! (You can hear some of Reuben’s sounds at the end of the trailer). Afterwards, we were setting up the movement of the “main character” in the trailer and the different background animations that you can see behind him.

Devblog 6 Dimitar's Level - HudUniGames

Devblog 6 Dimitar’s Level – HudUniGames



I’ve been mixing and mastering some of the music I’ve composed so it could be used in trailers and implemented in the game. We decided it was about time we gave our magnetic friends voices, so Dimitar, Reuben and I headed over to the recording studio and started to bring Tess and Newt to life! I’ve made more sound effects and created the Steam Greenlight trailer with Reuben and Dimitar. I had to create a soundscape and compose, mix and master a piece of music just for the first part of the trailer. It’s been a busy month! You can hear a bit of everything in the Steam Greenlight trailer below.


The Sound of Magnets: Voices

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The Sound of Magnets: Voices

We couldn’t really bring Tess and Newt to life without giving them some way of communicating with each other, could we? It’s time to give our magnetic friends voices!


If you’re not caught up yet, why not go back and read The Sound of Magnets: Music first?


The factory is noisy and there’s music in the background… but there’s something missing. How does a factory staffed by sentient magnets function properly if none of them can communicate with each other? We decided it was time to get Tess and Newt talking, so we gave them voices!


Tess in the Studio - HudUniGames

Tess in the Studio – HudUniGames

How Does it Sound?


For obvious reasons I couldn’t just record a magnet talking, so we had to decide how our magnets should speak. Would they talk like you and I? Do they speak in a strange, made up language? Maybe they scream?


We settled on a wide variety of high-pitched mumbles which could be used to express certain emotions depending on the situation. All I needed now was two volunteers, who were willing to lend me their voices and spend their afternoon making weird sounds in a recording studio.


To the Studio!


I headed over to the recording studio with Dimitar and Reuben – my two “willing” volunteers. I set up an AKG C414 Condenser microphone and we got to work. We recorded sounds for a wide variety of situations and emotions, from death sounds to the magnets expressing excitement.


While we were there, Dimitar also recorded a voice-over for the Steam Greenlight trailer, so that we could send it to a voice actor as an example of what we wanted.


Dimitar and Newt in the Studio - HudUniGames

Dimitar and Newt in the Studio – HudUniGames




Once I had plenty of expressions for both Newt and Tess, it was time to start processing them. I removed any unwanted frequencies and background noise from the recordings with EQ and Noise Gates. Then, I cut out the parts I wanted and used a DeEsser to remove some of the “hiss” created by sibilant consonants (mostly “s” sounds). I applied a bit of compression, played around with the pitch and ensured everything played back at the same volume level. Finally, I sent the files over to Matt so we could give our magnetic friends their new voices!


Watch the short clip below, taken from our Steam Greenlight Trailer, to hear Tess and Newt’s first words!




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