International Planning Competition 2014

Deterministic part


In order to participate in the deterministic part of the competition, each team should send an email to both Lukas Chrpa and Mauro Vallati, including the information specified below. As a default rule, we do not allow a team to enter more than two planners, or versions of the same planner, per subtrack. However, depending on the overall number of the registered teams and planners, if a convincing argument can be made that there are significant differences between the planners, more than two planners can be accepted.

(1) Name and email address of each member of the team:

(2) Name and email address of the contact person of the team:

(3) Name of the competing planner(s):

(4) For each planner, please specify

(4.1) Tracks of the competition into which the planner is entered

  • (check the ones that apply):
  • [ ] Sequential, satisficing
  • [ ] Sequential, optimization
  • [ ] Sequential, multi-core
  • [ ] Sequential, agile
  • [ ] Temporal, satisficing
  • [ ] Temporal, optimization
  • [ ] Preferences, satisficing
  • [ ] Preferences, optimization

For a description of the tracks please follow the corresponding links from the Rules page.

NOTE 1: Within each track, several versions of a domain might exist (e.g. metric-only, temporal-only etc), however one prize will be given for each track and planners not supporting all features have less chances to receive the prize.

NOTE 2: The participants are strongly encouraged to run their planners in every track that is supported by the planner.

If you have comments about tracks that are only partially supported by your planner (e.g., the planner does not support negative preconditions or ADL), please indicate them here:

(4.2) The competition machine will run Linux. Please specify the programming language(s), compilers and other auxiliary software (e.g. CPLEX) required by the planner:

(4.3) Particular aspects of the planner that are important to running the experiments

  • (check the ones that apply):
  • [ ] The planner uses randomized algorithms
  • [ ] The planner is incremental/anytime

Additional particular aspects about your planner you want to let us know about:

STATEMENT: We agree that the final version of the source code of our planner that will participate the competition, will be made publicly available through the official IPC-2014 web site.