International Planning Competition 2014

Deterministic part

Sequential Multi-core

It has been observed, and confirmed by the success of this multi-core track in the IPC 2011, that there is a growing interest in multi-core/parallel computation in the planning community and the research in this area has raised a number of very interesting questions. So far, it is proposed to run a dedicated track for this purpose this year with the hope of providing useful information to the community.

Thus, all the considerations discussed in the sequential satisficing track apply here as well, but computers with a number of cores (most likely four as the time of writing) will be available to run the planners.

Please, take into account the following remarks:

  • While the code submitted to this track is expected to run in different cores simultaneously and/or with different threads on each core, no GPU computing will be available.
  • Moreover, it is not the aim of this track to distribute work among different nodes of large clusters. Only one computer with a number of cores will be devoted to each planner.
  • The winner in this track shall be chosen among the participants within the track. Therefore, no comparisons shall be made with the single-core tracks.