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COST Action TUD1102 ( ARTS): Towards Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems

Call for Demonstrator Proposals
1st International Systems Competition on
Autonomic Features and Technologies for
Road Traffic Flow Modelling and Control Systems

October 9th, 2013

Date : 9th of October 2013
Local Host: Bart De Schutter

Location :Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel, Geevers Deynootplein 30
2586 CK, Scheveningen/The Hague

Direction :
Click here for competition schedule

Co-located with ITSC-2013:
The 16th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems
The Hague, Netherlands,
October 6th – 9th, 2013.

Organized by:
Working Group 1: Architectures, Methods and Models for ARTS

Embedded software support systems such as those in transportation are now so complex that the need for a step change in the way they are engineered is apparent. In addition to aiming for conventional properties such as dependability, future systems need to be embedded with self-managing properties. Technologies and research expertise exists to underpin this step change, but are distributed throughout several disciplines, most notably transportation engineering and computer science. The ARTS network established in 2011 is bringing attention to this issue through these disciplines, and forges a new community with the capability to meet this challenge.
As part of its activity tableau, the network is running a series of scientific competitions, aiming to stimulate and promote research and development in the area of next generation intelligent transport systems, by identifying key problems, collecting suitable benchmarks, and gathering test cases which require and enforce coordinated action that can serve as milestones for testing ARTS architectures, models, methods, and tools. Furthermore, the competition will contribute to demonstrating the state-of-the-art; it will help accelerating the development of tools and in particular the development of a tools repository. From the perspective of individual researchers, it aims at increasing the visibility of individual work, leading to more intensive and better informed networking. The outputs of the competition are expected to feed into application work, a roadmap construction, development of benchmarks and construction of exemplar tools etc.
The network is now soliciting high-quality demonstrator proposals to be submitted for the first competition to be held on October 9th, 2013 at The Hague, The Netherlands (see Competition timeline / schedule below).

Scope and topic of competition
The competition will be concerned with the application of autonomic computing and systems design for road traffic flow modeling and simulation, as well as road traffic control systems. However, for this first competition, a specific reference application scenario or problem will not be provided. Instead, the competition will aim at demonstrating showcases of techniques, technologies or tools which embody some autonomic properties within a managed road traffic application context.

Information for demonstrator proposers
Scientific and commercial parties with expertise in the areas of Road Traffic Flow Modelling and Control Systems, who are interested in self-* aspects are invited to showcase their systems and methods in the competition.
To do this, candidates are asked to submit an initial short paper, four to eight pages long in IEEE conference style (see for Word and LaTeX templates) in which they describe their contribution to the competition (demonstrator). This short paper should describe the application domain, the problem scenario, the technology used, the autonomic properties displayed, the innovations of the system and its operational aspects. Autonomicity should be demonstrated by clearly addressing a set of self-* properties within the application domain.
A competition programme committee (CPC) will review the submitted proposals and make a pre-selection based on a catalogue of criteria (relevance, originality and innovation, significance, suitability for demonstration).
Submitters of accepted proposals are expected to:

  • Submit a full paper prior to the competition with more details of the approach followed in the demonstrator. This paper should be six to ten pages long following the same IEEE conference style as the short paper. The organizers are planning post competition publication of revised, extended contributions in a high-quality journal or a Springer volume.
  • Present a live demo at assigned time slots during the competition.
  • Give an oral presentation about their demonstrator and the underlying autonomic properties in a workshop setting.

Based on the papers submitted, the live demo and the presentation, the CPC will make an evaluation of the candidates.


How to submit?
Authors wishing to participate are encouraged to contact the chair of the competition programme committee, Dr. Apostolos Kotsialos (, upfront with an expression of interest to participate.
Demonstrator proposals should come in the form of short papers, four to eight pages in length, written in the IEEE conference style; see for Word and LaTeX templates).
Please submit proposals in PDF format by emailing them to Dr. Apostolos Kotsialos               (
The COST Network may be able to support one author of papers that are accepted for the Competition to enable them to demonstrate and give an oral presentation of the submitted work. This support will cover travel and subsistence, but may be limited to authors originating from COST-ARTS member countries.

Competition timeline / schedule (draft)
June 12th, 2013                 :              Announcement of ARTS Competition with Call for Demonstrator Proposals.
July 15th, 2013                  :              Submission deadline for demonstrator proposals (short papers).
Aug 12th, 2013                  :              Notification of acceptance and feedback on proposal.
September 10th, 2013     :              Camera-ready full paper submission.
October 9th, 2013            :              ARTS Competition.

Organisation / Competition Programme Committee
Daniel Borrajo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain     
Franziska Klügl, University of Örebro, Sweden       
Iisaaki Kosonen, Aalto University, Finland              
Apostolos Kotsialos, Durham University, UK (Chair of CPC)
Lee McCluskey, University of Huddersfield, UK     
Monica Menendez, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Jörg P. Müller, TU Clausthal, Germany     
Florin Nemtanu, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania      
René Schumann, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland