SoCS 2020

Colocated Conference

Past SoCS Conferences
2019 Napa, CA
2018 Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Pittsburgh, PA
2016 Tarrytown, NY
2015 Ein Gedi, Israel
2014 Prague, Czechia
2013 Leavenworth, WA
2012 Niagara Falls, Canada
2011 Barcelona, Spain
2010 Atlanta, GA
2009 Lake Arrowhead, CA
2008 Chicago, IL

SoCS 2020: The 13th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search


SoCS 2020 will be entirely online and free to attend.

Technical talks will be streamed to YouTube in small groups comprising virtual sessions. The sessions will be streamed at fixed times with each talk appearing in order as per the final schedule. After each session a recording of the stream will be available for viewing on demand. Questions and interactions will be made possible via dedicated discussion tools.

SoCS Forum

For interaction and for coordination purposes we will ask speakers and all interested participants to register for a free account on our dedicated discussion forum.

We will use the forum for announcements, for questions to authors, for questions to us, the organisers, and for community discussion. The forum is OPEN RIGHT NOW and we encourage you to join. When choosing your username, please remember we are a community of peers. We ask that you use your real name or some close derivative such that you can be easily recognised. For example: janet.smith or jsmith.

One of the reasons we have opened the forum early is to allow speakers to interact with one another regarding preparation of their videos. There are already several threads with EXTRA INFORMATION and where you can post questions.

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